Getting Here

We may be situated in the most beautiful, rural and least populated part of England, but we're actually pretty easy to find.... Only 15 minutes from Penrith (that's J40 on the M6)


Mains Farm




CA10 1DH


All ticket prices include free parking.

please note - parking is in an uneven field and cars are parked at the owners risk.


Using Sat-nav directions to CA10 1DH should take you directly to the festival site.

but just in case.....

From the M6

Leave the M6 at J41 - Take the A6 Carlisle - In Plumpton turn Right for Lazonby and Kirkoswald - B6413
Through Lazonby and over the beautiful Eden Bridge – Take the first Right – Sign Glassonby - Do NOT go into the village of Kirkoswald.
Mains Farm and eden escape festival is just under 1 mile from this junction.


From the A1 (Scotch Corner)

Follow the A1 through Brough and on to Penrith.
 - Satellite Navigation may instruct you to turn off at Temple Sowerby. Do Not. The road is very narrow and twisty from here to the Farm – especially when towing a Caravan.
From Penrith – take the A686 for about 5 miles then Turn left on the B6412 Sign - Great Salkeld and Lazonby. (if you get to the metal bridge with traffic lights you've gone too far)
In Lazonby turn right for Kirkoswald at The Midland Hotel. 
Through Lazonby and over the beautiful Eden Bridge – Take the first Right – Sign Glassonby
- Do NOT go into the village of Kirkoswald.
Mains Farm and eden escape festival is just under 1 mile from this junction.

public transport:

unfortunately due to the rural nature of the festival, there are no local busses.

the closest train station is Lazonby on the settle to Carlisle line (approximately 2 miles from the farm) or Penrith station on the west coast main line (approximately 20 mins in a taxi)

Taxis will need to be pre booked as there is no local taxi rank.


Do's and don'ts

We all know the score by now....

this is a family festival and we want you all to have the most amazing time whilst you're here, but here's a few things to keep in mind to make sure that everyone stays safe and happy....



* come prepared!!

it's Cumbria, there's always a chance it's going to rain..

so bring appropriate clothing and if camping make sure you'll be warm enough at night.

* Bring your swimming gear!

even if you're thinking 'there's no WAY I'm getting in that river' - bring them anyway! once the festival vibes take hold you never know what you might be inspired to do!

don't forget your towel....

* Bring your sports wear

denim hot pants and crops tops are, of course, welcome, but at this festival you'll feel much more at home (and comfortable) in your yoga pants...

* bring your dog!

yep, you heard right! Eden escape festival is dog friendly!

but please remember to keep them on a lead at all times and pick up that poop!

* support our local stall holders 

we've got a whole host of amazing cumbrian food and drink stalls as well as an amazing marketplace.

you're more than welcome to bring your own food and drink if you're camping (but remember no BBQ's), but please dont bring it into the main festival site - instead, spend the weekend trying out some of the delicacies our food vendors have to offer.

* recycle

this is kind of an obvious one, but we'll say it anyway!

there'll be loads of recycling stations all around the festival - so use them!

* Take loads of photos!

and #edenescapefest

* Bring a camping chair or picnic blanket.

Of course there will be places to sit all around the festival, but there is also lots of opportunity for you to plonk yourself down for an afternoon siesta - or gather round the camp-fire in the evening, and if you bring your own you're guaranteed a comfy seat!

* Smoke in enclosed spaces

pretty obvious, we know..

but please do not smoke in any enclosed spaces, we'd also really appreciate it if you'd refrain from smoking in crowded, outdoor areas and make sure your stub goes in the designated bins, Not on the floor!

*Play loud music

we'll have a full evening of Great Music on the saturday evening, but the rest of the time is for exploring the outdoors, and having some adventures with your friends and family.

if you feel your whole day needs a loud, banging theme tune, perhaps this festival isn't the one for you.


*make fires

we'll have a campfire on site for you tell your famous, near death experience story around - so you wont need to create your own.


here we go again... but it's really important to us that we keep the site, And the environment generally, as clean as we can.

there'll be loads of bins and recycling stations throughout the festival, so it really won't be hard.

*bring drugs..

no. explanation. needed.

*be that person

this is a family friendly festival and we really want you all to have a great time.

there'll be bars on site where you can get yourself a few beers and maybe even a glass of prosecco or 2...

but this festival is about getting outside and having an adventure, not about bouncing around in a field in such a state you can't remember any of it..

so don't be that person..

* Forget to bring cash!

We're on a farm, in the middle of nowhere... there is internet but lots of the stall holders won't have the means to take payment by card - so come prepared.


Contact us

Please get in touch if you have any questions at all about the festival. 

Also feel free to get in touch if your a local band, stall holder of activity provider. we'd be happy to hear your ideas if you feel you have something to add to the festival.

email -

Correspondence Address:

Goggleby Cottage, 

Shap, penrith, 

Cumbria, CA10 3LX  


Thanks! Message sent.